6 Outstanding Checking Account Bonuses in 2023

Who doesn’t appreciate a little extra cash? It seems banks are on the same page. They’re rolling out the red carpet, enticing potential customers with attractive bonuses to open accounts with them. The banking landscape is competitive, and these institutions are practically handing out money to win your loyalty.

Considering a switch or opening a new bank account? Dive into our list of the six most rewarding checking account bonuses this year and give your finances a delightful uplift.

Understanding Your Banking Options Before we delve into the bonuses, it’s essential to understand the basics. When you decide to open a bank account, you’re typically presented with two primary choices: a checking account or a savings account.

  • Checking Accounts: Ideal for daily expenses, paying bills, and receiving your salary. They’re designed for frequent transactions, making them perfect for short-term spending.
  • Savings Accounts: If you’re aiming to save, this is your go-to. They usually offer higher interest rates but come with transaction limits.

Most individuals maintain both types, using checking accounts for everyday expenses and savings accounts to accumulate interest on funds they don’t intend to use immediately.

Choosing Between Banks and Credit Unions Your next decision is where to park your money. The two main contenders are banks and credit unions.

  • Banks: These are profit-driven entities offering a plethora of financial services. They often boast a vast network of branches, ATMs, and superior online platforms, making banking with them incredibly convenient.
  • Credit Unions: These are non-profit, member-owned entities. They might be smaller and more localized, but they often outshine banks in customer service, fees, and interest rates. Being non-profit, they can offer better rates and lower fees. Plus, as a member, you get a say in their operational decisions.

Spotlight on Top Checking Account Bonuses

  1. LuxeBank Checking and Savings
    • Bonus: Up to $250
    • New LuxeBank clients can snag a $250 bonus with a new checking and savings account. The deal? Open an account and set up a qualifying direct deposit. Plus, enjoy perks like zero account fees, no-fee overdrafts, and cash back at local establishments.
  2. GoldTrust Premium Checking
    • Bonus: Up to $1,800
    • GoldTrust is making waves with a jaw-dropping $1,800 bonus for new customers. While there’s a hefty deposit requirement to snag the full amount, a more modest deposit of $8,000 can still net you a cool $180. This premium account also offers exclusive financial planning services, special rates, and travel perks.
  3. Pinnacle Checking
    • Bonus: Up to $220
    • Newbies at Pinnacle can easily pocket an extra $220. Just open a checking account and set up a direct deposit. Plus, by maintaining a specific balance or setting up regular electronic deposits, you can have monthly service fees waived.
  4. MetroSaver Plus Banking
    • Bonus: Up to $120
    • MetroSaver is not to be left behind. Open a new account, set up qualifying direct deposits, and you could be $120 richer. It’s that simple.
  5. GreenLeaf Advanced Checking
    • Bonus: Up to $280
    • Kickstart your banking journey with GreenLeaf and earn up to $280. Just set up the required direct deposit within the initial months of opening your account. And if you maintain a certain balance, you can enjoy waived monthly fees and other benefits.
  6. GlobalTrend Premier Checking
    • Bonus: Up to $450
    • GlobalTrend’s Premier Checking is not just about global benefits. New customers can also earn a handsome $450 bonus. Just ensure you set up and maintain the required direct deposits.

Seize the Opportunity! With a myriad of choices in the banking world, institutions are upping their game, luring customers with tantalizing bonuses. If you’re scouting for a new checking account, now’s the time to capitalize on these offers. While some might demand significant deposits, others have more lenient requirements.

But remember, while bonuses are enticing, customer service’s value is paramount. Scrutinize your options, align them with your needs, and make an informed choice. After all, a bonus is a delightful welcome, but excellent service ensures a lasting relationship.