7 Auto Accessories That Take Cars To New Levels

When we buy a new vehicle, one of the first things on our mind is taking it to the next level. Sometimes that can be done with something as simple as using a premium octane fuel, and other times it can result from costly upgrades. We are going to be taking a look at the auto accessories that will help you get the most out of the performance of your vehicle and looks.

Engine Tuning
Photo Credit: Edmunds

7: Engine Tuning

Perhaps the most standout option is to use engine tuning to get the most out of your vehicle. These can come in the form of performance tuning products like the Hypertech Max Energy Sport. These chips are easy to install and work with most major operating systems, allowing you to tune on the go. You can increase the air/fuel ratio and so much more, your car will thank you.

Upgraded Brake Pads
Photo Credit: BMW

6: Upgraded Brake Pads

Stopping is important, especially if you drive a lot. While the most cost-effective option is generally the cheapest set of brake pads you’ll find yourself replacing them time and time again. To avoid this going for a more expensive set of brake pads will save you time and headache and benefit your vehicle as well.

Cold Air Intake
Photo Credit: BMW

5: Cold Air Intake

For V8-powered vehicles especially, cold air intake can make all the difference in the world. The cold air intake pushes more air into the motor which will generally give you a horsepower boost of 5-10hp. This might not sound like a lot, but you’ll immediately feel the difference when you are driving your car or truck. Most cold air intakes are easy to install and you can get up and running in a short amount of time.

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4: Superchargers

Another bolt-on accessory that will greatly increase your performance is the supercharger. Whether you want to spend a little or a lot either way you’ll have a boost in performance. Naturally, the most popular superchargers are going to set you back quite a bit, but you will immediately feel the boost in performance. You’ll have more power to the wheels and your 0-60 times will increase dramatically in the long run.

Photo Credit: Mopar

3: Turbo

For smaller displacement engines a turbo can be a viable option as well. Similar to the supercharging option adding a turbo will make a great deal of performance for a fraction of the cost. You can set one up pretty easily and the smaller the motor, the better off you’ll be thanks to the design of the turbo.

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2: Premium Synthetic Oil

You might think that all motor oil is the same, but you’re wrong. By spending more on oil like Royal Purple or similar you’ll immediately feel the difference in the performance of your car. Your engine will move a lot smoother and you’ll notice that cold startups won’t be as serious on the car or truck.

Photo Credit: Mopar

1: Exhaust

Finally, upgrading your exhaust can also greatly impact your performance. It will allow the vehicle to breathe much more freely which in turn adds to the performance dramatically. Most exhaust setups don’t have to be expensive and you’ll get improved sound and a great new exterior appearance.

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