Why Are Range Rovers So Expensive and Are They Worth It?

The Range Rover has been the pinnacle of luxury SUVs since the dawning of the sport-utility vehicle boom. What makes the Range Rover so appealing? First would be the fact that the various models are extremely versatile. The marquee that is the Range Rover is not particularly known for its reliability, but the brand has the recognition that few companies can match.

That helps Range Rovers continue to be best sellers in the SUV segment. But are Range Rovers worth the cost of admission? Let’s take a look at what makes these cars so popular.

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Tasteful Interior:

Even original Range Rover models were washed down but luxurious at a time when SUVs were basic in design. Range Rover interiors are top quality with adjustable seating front and rear coupled with high-quality leathers. In addition to that, there is also a fair amount of sound descending which gives the interior a quiet ride. All of this is wrapped in the latest luxury and safety features, which is why most celebrities purchase these. These interior additions make the Range Rover a more comfortable vehicle to own than the average vehicle.

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In addition to the high-class interior of the Range Rover, their styling is also a strong point. The brand went through a period of obscurity during the nineties and early 2000s and that has all changed. When you see a Range Rover you know right off the bat what kind of vehicle it is. Exterior styling is just one aspect of the Range Rover that the company has worked to improve on over the past couple of years. The current styling of the Range Rover lineup gives the car a timeless look that doesn’t age.

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Off-Road Capabilities:

Perhaps the most obvious reason to go for the Range Rover brand are the offroad capabilities. Even with the high price tag and elegant features, the Range Rover is one of the most capable offroad vehicles you can buy. Range Rover’s are often higher ranked than Jeep models when it comes to off-road capabilities. The Range Rover Sport is especially one of the most popular offroad models for the elite. Spending the high price tag on a Range Rover can seem like a tough pill to swallow, but the offroad durability makes the Range Rover a worthwhile proposition.

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So Are They Worth The Cost?

Range Rovers are indeed worth the cost if you want a solid off-road vehicle that still combines the luxury that you’d expect from a vehicle in this price range. Although the resale value is not what you’d expect for a vehicle of this caliber the Range Rover does have a lot of benefits. These SUVs are very capable offroad, which is one of the main selling points. In addition to that, the new models of the Range Rover are much more reliable than previous generations. There are a vast amount of safety features that are built into every new Range Rover model.

Source: Motor Biscuit