Note 20 Ultra: 5 Reasons To Pick Up This Pricey Powerhouse Android

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is creating waves in the smartphone market. Though the Galaxy Note 20 comes at a high price, this high-end phone has heavy-duty hardware and serious features. So if you’re considering grabbing this smartphone, keep your eye out for a promo that could get you a hefty discount.

You might be wondering, what is so ultra about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that makes it stand out from others? Before you start sizing up the Note 20 Ultra, do take note that this workhorse comes with everything. So if you’re someone who finds a smartphone indispensable for your daily activities, you should go for the Note 20 Ultra. The following are five practical reasons that make Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra a good buy. 

Quick and Constant Updates


Forking out $1,300 for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra might seem reasonable when you discover that Samsung now guarantees three OS upgrades for Note 20, Note 10, S20, and S10. To be specific, the South Korean chaebol is extending OS upgrade support to premium A-series gadgets. So if you are willing to use the Note 20 for three years, a $1,300 price tag may not seem so exorbitant after all.

The One UI 3.0 update is on the cards in the forthcoming months, implying that you may have to be patient and wait a while. Nevertheless, given Samsung’s strong commitment to implement key software upgrades and occasional patches of late, you can rest assured the upgrades will happen sooner than later. Hence, if you plan to keep your Note 20 for the next three years, you’ll take advantage of multiple security patches and three OS updates.

Wireless DeX: The USP of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


The novel and innovative wireless DeX functionality are undoubtedly the most versatile feature of Galaxy Note 20. The state-of-the-art Samsung DeX connectivity lets you use the Note 20 like a laptop by hooking it up with an external display such as a monitor or TV. Hitherto, you needed a USB cable, DeX pad, or DeX station for superimposing your smartphone onto a compatible external display.

However, the wire-free DeX lets you make the most of wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi. The wireless DeX feature comes in immensely handy in so many different ways you can multitask on your PC or TV display. On the other hand, you can use apps effectively both on your smartphone and the companionable external hardware simultaneously. You can browse the web and enjoy a movie on Netflix on your TV at the same time.   

Unmatchable Power


When you bring home the Note 20 Ultra, you’ll be one of the select users to experience the versatility of the latest Android chipset-Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+. The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the only handset with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ under its hood. Additionally, the Note 20 also gets a massive boost from the octa-core Exynos 990 chipset, coupled with 256GB/512GB storage and 12GB RAM.  

The Amazing S Pen


That Samsung has made some noteworthy improvements on the S Pen gives you another good reason to go for the Note 20 Ultra. The combined and coordinated effect of an intuitive 120Hz display and the reduced latency (9ms) make you feel like you’re putting pen to paper. You can bet you won’t come across a better stylus than the current S Pen.

A Gorgeous Display


The colossal 6.9 AMOLED display is incredibly arresting and impeccable. Boost up the screen resolution to QHD+, and you have a Note 20 Ultra display that is simply unmatchable and unrivaled, making it another reason to potentially shell out big bucks for this device.