3 Treatments to Help People With Moderate to Severe Eczema

3 Treatments to Help People With Moderate to Severe Eczema

Eczema is a skin condition millions around the world deal with. Aside from the slight discoloration it offers, eczema also has a tendency to create discomfort — whether it be a burning sensation, itching, or general soreness.

Alas, there are some ways in which bearers of eczema can effectively work on lessening symptoms. This piece will delve into some of the treatment measures one can take when battling with the aftermath of eczema and all that it brings to the table.

Calcineurin Inhibitors

Calcineurin inhibitors aren’t something you’d just run in and pick up at the local drug store. This treatment plan aims at altering one’s immunity system. The inflammation associated with eczema should (in theory) go down.

Topical creams do work well in this capacity (Eucrisa, Elidel, Protopic). However, they are normally prescription-only creams. One will need to get a doctor’s permission before applying this cream to their impacted area. It may take the patient a little while before fully getting used to these treatments. One could experience minor skin irritation, itching, and blistering on the skin. However, these potential side effects should subside after using the product a few times. Further your research on brands like Eucrisa.

Oral Medications

There are some people who simply don’t mesh well with topical creams. As an alternative, there are some oral medications which can work equally as well. Duly, this might be a better choice for those who have eczema in multiple regions of the body as opposed to one specific area.

Some of these drugs include Otrexup, Azasan, Myfortic, and Omnipred. However, doctors do suggest that these oral medications be taken both carefully and in moderation. Potential side effects with abusing these drugs may include kidney disease, high blood pressure, and nausea (among other risks).

Injectable Medications

Injectables are another common treatment. A drug called dupilumab, or Dupixent, was introduced roughly three years ago. The drug specifically works to eradicate more severe levels of eczema. When studying various trials, reports indicated that individuals with extreme levels of eczema saw symptoms clear up after approximately four months.

Dupixent along with Eucrisa are two of the most common treatments.

Image Source: Discover Magazine